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In 2020, I started an online book club with my best friend & blogging partner, Mary. We’ve both been reading a book (or two) each month & leaving our reviews on the blog.

The January book selections were incredible this month! We were honestly both obsessed with our book choices & I’d say this is the best month yet. To read our January 2021 Book Club reviews (including In a Holidaze and The Wife Upstairs) scroll down. 🙂

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Last month’s book club: Untamed by Glennon Doyle review

Our January Book Club Selections

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The Wife Upstairs Review

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Erin’s Review

I loved this book so much, all up until the end. I finished it in a day & a half when I was home on vacation if that says anything. For some people, that’s probably pretty typical, but for me, I almost never read books that fast. Except for both of these December book club books, apparently.

This book was so suspenseful and kept you guessing the whole time. About 3/4 of the way through, I was pretty sure I knew what happened, but it still had me guessing.

The only flaw with this book was the end, in my opinion. How the book ended wasn’t bad, per se, but it wrapped up SO quickly. It felt like the rest of the book was pretty drawn out (in a good way), but all of a sudden it was just over.

I won’t give anything else away about how it ended, I just wish that it would have been wrapped up in more detail.

Overall, I gave this book a 4.5/5 because it was incredible throughout (besides the ending). If you like suspense/mysteries, you will love this. Even if you don’t typically like suspense/mysteries (like me) you will still probably love this. I liked the mystery/whodunit aspect of this, but I also loved the drama. If you’re typically not into suspense/mystery, this is a great book to ease your way into the genre (with some genre/romance included).

Mary’s Review

Thrilling. Mysterious. Satisfying. Disappointing. What an oxymoron!! How can a book be satisfying yet disappointing? The drama was phenomenal from the jump. How did two women manage to go missing and then suddenly it’s turned into a murder mystery??

Not a lot of writers can pull off such mystery and not give too many details away before the ending. But Rachel Hawkins has achieved it, and this is a high appraisal from me ;)!

Satisfying, to say the least, yet disappointing because the ending was a letdown. As Erin said above, the end is what just really killed the vibe. Metaphorically and literally speaking Yes, you find out ‘who done it’ with a dramatic twist, but dang man it could have gone on for at least another chapter. She basically left us hanging off a cliff of wonder.

To say the least, this book was well rounded and I would one hundred percent recommend this to anyone looking for a good quick read to fulfill their mind with!!

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In a Holidaze Review

Overall rating: 5/5

I blew through this book as well. Literally stayed up until 3 a.m. to finish it on night 2 because I couldn’t put it down. I’m not into sappy, over the top, romance books, but this was different.

First of all, I loved reading this in December because it was so holiday-focused. It was a fun story about family/friends who always spend the holidays together at a cabin. Especially reading this during COVID was great because it allowed you to vicariously live through this family/friends fun together (while we all couldn’t really do anything like that).

It’s not a typical love story though and the protagonist ends up in a time loop where she is repeating the same week over & over. I always love time loop stories in general — it’s just so fun to see how the character learns from repeating the same things over & over.

If you want a book that you won’t be able to put down (and to get completely sucked into another world for a few days)… I would highly recommend In a Holidaze!

How to Join Book Club

If you’re a book lover (or would like to start reading more)… & if you’re anything like us & have always wanted to join a book club, but never actually acted on it. We would absolutely love for you to join us in reading these books every month.

We have a full description of how to join our book club in this post or any of our other book club posts on the blog.

If you have any questions at all on how to join, respond with them, or send us an email! We would love for anyone interested to join, so we want to answer any questions you guys have.

We hope you guys are into this idea and want to start reading more with us! We’re so excited about keeping up with this every month. So we can’t wait for any of you who are interested to join in on the reading fun. 🙂

February’s Book(s)!

For February’s book club, we picked different books from BOTM. I (Erin) am going to read The Removed by Brandon Hobson and Mary is reading The Survivors by Jane Harper.

Can’t wait to read along with you guys next month!

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