While it’s never come naturally to me to wake up early, I noticed that morning people always seem more productive & energized. So I decided to become one.

I’ve always been more of a night owl than a morning person but noticed that morning people seem more productive, energized, and accomplished. So I thought, why can’t I become a morning person? I’ve been looking up the best tips and tricks on how to become a morning person and wanted to share what I’ve learned with you guys!

How to Become a Morning Person in One Month

It’s honestly easier to become a morning person than I expected. While I will never naturally enjoy waking up at 6 a.m., I’ve definitely gotten better at it and more resilient in the process. …

If you are dealing (or have ever dealt) with shin splints & want to get back into running consistently — this is a must-read.

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Here’s the thing — I haven’t run more than a mile in years. Every time I tried to run for even a few minutes, I had such bad pain in my shins that I would give up on running again. Shin splints are not fun and if you’re reading this article — I’m guessing you feel my pain.

It wasn’t just pain when I was running… It was terrible pain for days after my “run” (aka a 1 minute run with a lot of walking. It didn’t seem to get better no matter what I did. …

(Gluten-free) snacks that will keep you feeling energized and satisfied, instead of sluggish after a high sugar/salt option.

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At my current job as a legal assistant, we have drawers of snacks in the kitchen that we can grab & go any time. While I love munching on Oreos, Cheetos, Chex Mix, etc., when I have a craving for these salty/sweet snacks, I want to have some healthy options on hand too. I keep a drawer of healthy work snacks at my desk that is always ( most of the time…) stocked with nutrient-dense options. …

We all experience negative emotions, but how do we funnel them into creating something positive?

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I’m a self-admittedly sensitive & emotional person. I take things to heart more easily than I should, at times, and have a hard time not empathizing with other people’s pain. In the past, I’ve tried to (& succeeded at) suppressing these emotions, because I thought they made me “needy”, “overbearing”, and “hard to be around.” In reality, 99% of the time, I’m not needy, overbearing, or hard to be around. I just convinced myself that that’s how people would perceive me if I showed any emotion, so I buried it all deep beneath a constantly positive, happy facade.

Emotion = creativity (if you use it properly)

Over time, I’ve realized that my emotions actually serve an essential purpose in my life. They motivate me to create. When I’m feeling happy, go-lucky, I have almost no motivation to write. I want to be out experiencing the world, interacting with loved ones, and bringing more joy into my life. Of course, these moments are great and absolutely essential for me not to lose my shit. But they don’t do much for my writing career. It’s the deeper, more sad, anxious, low self-esteem moments (that I previously suppressed) that give me the motivation to write. …

How to break the cycle of constant FOMO, the comparison trap, and ramped up anxiety, to live a truly fulfilling & happy life.

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I just posted on Instagram about an hour ago and didn’t immediately receive any likes/comments/social gratification. I feel ridiculously bummed out and my self worth is in the toilet. Immediately, I am thinking “Everyone hates what I just posted”, “What a terrible/boring post”, “Should I just delete it and forget it ever existed?”.

In reality, no one probably even saw the post yet.

Or, people saw it, looked at it for half a second, and scrolled on.

Maybe they didn’t like it. Maybe they just weren’t paying attention. Either way, I’ll never know.

Regardless of the reason, it doesn’t really impact my life at all. …

For when you’re super busy, but also want to eat healthy, but also are sick of salads — you know what I mean?

I’m sick of salads and sandwiches.

Eating healthy is important to me, but honestly, lunch is (in my humble opinion) the most boring meal of the day. I’m never motivated to cook, but am also tired of eating salads, sandwiches, and frozen “health” meals every day. I know, first world problems. So I decided to spice things up and come up with a few other healthy lunch options — and of course, share them with you all!

Why is it Important to have Easy Lunches at Home?

I eat these lunches on the regular and hope that you guys enjoy them too. With a full-time 9–5 job, it’s easy to fall into the trap of grabbing fast food or ordering UberEats, etc. …

When it comes to creative endeavors — there’s no growth without highs & lows. But that doesn’t mean we can’t expedite the lows a bit…

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I originally titled this article “I’m Starting to Feel Like I Don’t Have What it Takes.” Then after typing out most of the self-deprecating “woe is me” nonsense about why I’m not good enough for this — I chose to figure out how to overcome the negativity instead of letting it consume me.

Why Do I Frequently Feel Like I’m Not Good Enough?

If I’m feeling these highs & lows when it comes to my writing — I know I’m not alone. So let’s share a little back story first, for those of you *most of you* who don’t know me.

I started my blog earlier this year (April 2020) after years of obsessively reading & loving other people’s health/lifestyle blogs. In the past (most of my teenage & young adult years), I always wanted to start my own blog, but never actually went through with it. I was scared to start because I would be nowhere near the point these more experienced bloggers (who had been blogging for 8–10+ years) were at. …

I love reading and have been wanting to join a book club forever. So I figured — why not start my own & invite all of you guys?

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Every month, my blogging business partner, Mary, & I are going to each pick a book to read & review, then share our reviews with you on the blog. If you’ve ever been a part of Book of the Month, you know that you get to choose between 5 book selections each month. So Mary & I may pick the same book or we may choose different books, depending on our options & personal preferences for the month.

This month, we both chose the same book, but Mary’s came in much later than mine, so she didn’t have time to read it this month. I’ll be taking over the Book of the Month review this month, but we will both be here to share our thoughts in the future. …

Here’s how eating gluten-free impacted my physical and mental health — energy levels, focus, digestion, bloating, and much more

I’ve been wondering about the best way to approach this topic because I am such a huge advocate of intuitive eating. At first, part of me felt like I was straying from my intuitive eating background by going gluten-free. But the more I thought about it, I started to realize that doing what feels best for my body (even if it means restricting a certain food/food group) is what intuitive eating is all about. So I’m here to share my story on what happened when I tried a gluten-free diet for the past month. :)

Why Did I Decide to go on a Gluten-Free Diet for 30 Days?

I started this challenge mid-September for a few…

I’ve been a huge intuitive eating supporter for years and think the non-diet mentality is the healthiest way to eat. But can it ever be unhealthy?

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Even though intuitive eating is a pretty simple concept in itself, it still can cause a lot of confusion and speculation. The whole idea behind intuitive eating is to eat what you want (what you’re body’s craving) when you’re hungry. Sounds easy, right? But when you try to start practicing this lifestyle choice (especially after years of dieting), it’s not always that simple.

Is Intuitive Eating the Healthiest Option?

I’m a firm believer in intuitive eating and truly think it’s the healthiest option for everyone. Think of it this way: when you were a little kid, did you spend any time at all thinking about food? …


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